Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Perform 'Nobody But You' From Home on 'The Tonight Show'

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani appeared on the at-home version of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week to talk about life in quarantine, and the superstar couple also made time for a performance of their duet, "Nobody But You." "Hey Jimmy, me and Gwen Stefani — you can say something," Shelton began as Stefani deadpanned, "I'm Gwen Stefani, Jimmy." Shelton continued, "Here is our performance of our single 'Nobody But You,'" as the couple pointed to each other.

Shelton, who was wearing a hat that read "I Drank Today," played the guitar and began the song before Stefani, clad in a black T-shirt that read "I [heart] Blake," joined him. "Do the harmony," Shelton directed his girlfriend before the song's second verse, ending their performance with a high-five and a smile. "Gwen has a country hit right now!" Shelton exclaimed to Fallon during their interview. "We have a duet. Who would have ever thought that Gwen Stefani on country radio?"

"It was one of those songs that I was like, 'Wow!'" Stefani shared. "These songs come to Blake, they're so incredible, and I was dreaming that I could be on it. We were working out together in the gym and I was like, 'Man, I wish you put me on this one!' He actually turned the song off and goes, 'Dang, I wish I would have put you on this one!' And then he did! So here we are!" Shelton added that the song was not originally written as a duet and Stefani shared that "what's crazy" is that one of the song's co-writers, Shane McAnally, had sent her the song to give to Shelton. "It was just a weird coincidence, the whole thing," she said.

The interview took place as Stefani was giving Shelton a haircut, and the pair shared that they were spending their quarantine on Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma with, as Shelton put it, "a whole lot of Stefanis."


"I'm talking about a pile of 'em," he said. "My mom and stepdad live about 10 miles from here, I haven't seen 'em since the middle of March except for waving at 'em through the truck window."

The couple added that they were participating in popular quarantine activities including gardening and baking. "Gwen's learned how to bake bread really good, sourdough bread," Shelton said. "Literally, it's like Little House on the Prairie out here. She makes bread, I've been building a fence and gardening. We're pretty self-sufficient out here."