Ashley McBryde Reveals the 'Really Ugly' Tattoo She Regrets

Ashley McBryde has plenty of tattoos, including on both of her arms and a large one on her chest. But surprisingly, the only one she regrets is the one hardly anyone sees.

"It's a fat baby devil in a bikini, and it's a tramp stamp," McBryde reveals on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show.

The tattoo was McBryde's way of asserting her independence as soon as she became an adult, although in hindsight she realizes she should have listened to the voice of reason.

"I was 18 years old. This is my 'I'm out of the house, I'll do whatever I want' tattoo," says McBryde. "And even the tattoo artist was like, 'Are you sure? Are you sure?' And I was like, 'Yeah, put it on there.' And I was sober."

"In all fairness, it has wings and a halo as well, so it has both," she continues. "But it's really ugly."

Ugly tattoo aside, the Arkansas native has made plenty of good decisions, including releasing her recent Girl Goin' Nowhere album. The 11-track record is an intimate look into McBryde's personal life, and the highs and lows she encountered on her winding path to releasing the project.

"It's a really, really good Polaroid of us, and it does give us room to grow, also," McBryde tells "There were some things we considered putting on the record that we thought maybe it would be best to wait so that we had room to grow. We didn't want to show up with all of the balloon animals at once, but we did want to give you a solid look at who we are and what we sound like."


"Listening to this record will give you a really good overview of me as a human being, and collectively, where we are as a band and as people in this industry," she continues. "I've had my whole life to live, and these songs have been written in the process. Selecting these was really hard, but thank God I had the wisdom of [manager] John Peets and [producer] Jay Joyce to help with that."

Purchase Girl Goin' Nowhere on Amazon and iTunes.