Zac Brown Releases Confusing Solo 'Controvery' Pop Album, Drops New Single, 'Swayze'

The lead singer of the Zac Brown Band just dropped a solo pop album, Controversy, as well as a track off of the record, called "Swayze." The song, an homage to the late actor Patrick Swayze, is one of several tracks on his new record that fans are finding confusing from Zac Brown.

"I need an outlet to create all these other genres of music that I love to do," Brown explained in a video posted on his YouTube channel. "Some of the guys in my band played on these records; we're still going to perform some of them out at Zac Brown Band shows. It's unfortunate that I have to pick one category for my records to go under, because a Zac Brown Band record has to be under country. I wish there was a category that was a little broader than that, because I love country, but I love other things too, so this is my outlet.

"This is my chance to be an artist, be creative. It's another side," he continued. "The goal as an artist is to be able to create the kind of music that you want to listen to, so Controversy in itself is all the diversity that I love causes controversy with people, because some people only like certain things, but I like a lot of different things. Some people do too, so I'm hoping that this can kind of bridge the gap between people that need a specific label. I don't want a specific label. I gave birth to all this stuff, and I'm super proud of it, super excited for people to get it. Hopefully people connect with it."

The Zac Brown Band also dropped their latest album, The Owl, on Sept. 20.

“We’ve been working tirelessly on this album over the past couple years, ensuring every detail is perfect,” Brown said in a statement of the band's sixth studio album. “We are always pushing ourselves as musicians by blurring genre boundaries and incorporating all kinds of music we are personally inspired by, elevating what we are capable as a group. This album will have something for everyone.

"The Owl is exciting, raw, and unexpected," he added. "We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished on this record and can’t wait to finally share it with the fans.”


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Photo Credit: Getty images / Jeff Hahne