'Dancing With the Stars': Lauren Alaina Is Eager to 'Twerk' With 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown

Dancing With the Stars is a few weeks away from the Season 28 premiere, but Lauren Alaina is already eager to spend time with Queer Eye star Karamo Brown. The American Idol alum joked about their plans while on DWTS, in a video she posted on Instagram, which showed the pair breaking out into a spontaneous twerking routine.

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"I already love you the KaraMOST [Karamo]," Alaina said. "I can’t wait to hang (twerk) with you on [DWTS]."

Alaina, who was announced as joining the Dancing With the Stars cast earlier this week, might be a fan of Brown, but if she isn't going to win, she knows who she wants to take home the coveted mirrorball trophy.

"I wanted to win until [Kate Flannery] walked in and then I was like, 'Oh, no, I'm going to vote for her," Alaina told Good Morning America of the star of The Office. "I literally freaked out. The only other person I remember doing that for was Dolly Parton."

Alaina likely never would have joined the Dancing With the Stars cast if not for last season's winner, Bobby Bones.

"Everyone really needs to pray for me, because I am not a dancer," Alaina told iHeartRadio station, The Bull. "Bobby Bones talked me into it."

"I sang on the show last year, and a lot of people who work for Dancing With the Stars also worked on American Idol when I was on there, so I knew a bunch of people who worked on the show. And Bobby said when I was there that I needed to do the show. I was like, 'Oh yeah, that would be fun sometime.' And they called me for the next season! I'm gonna fall. It's bad. Please pray for me.

Alaina and Bones might be good friends, but she jokes that their friendship might come to an end, depending on how she does on the TV show.

"If I get out the first week, I'm never talking to him again," Alaina quipped. "That will be the end of our friendship."

The Georgia native is excited to join the show, even if she isn't quite confident in her dancing abilities.

"I think I might be the worst dancer," Alaina admitted. "I did competitive cheerleading. I was always in the back. I would tell people it was because I was the tallest. I think it was because I was the worst."


The Season 28 premiere of Dancing With the Stars airs on Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Paul Morigi