Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Credits Wives for Helping Them 'Evolve Into Men'

When Florida Georgia Line members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley met, they were two college students on a worship band at their college, Belmont University. But as soon as they joined forces and started making music, their careers exploded, quickly taking them from aspiring singers to superstars.

Although both Hubbard and Kelley were already having hit after hit when they married their wives, Hayley Hubbard (in 2015) and Brittney Kelley (in 2013), the guys are quick to point to their spouses for their continuous string of successes.

"When we started this thing we were just kids," Hubbard explained. "Fresh out of college, chasing a dream, really nothing to lose, which is a fun place to be for a short period of time, having really nothing. But you start to build something. You start to build more and more and more and then you become proud of what you’ve built and so you have a new pride about ‘Man, this is special, and this is cool, and look at the fans showing up.’

"You start to become a little bit more responsible for what you’ve built," he continued. "And then our wives come in the picture and the whole thing changes another 180 degrees to where they kind of help us evolve into men, into grown-ups that look at life from a grown-up perspective and a different responsibility as humans that have been really blessed.”

Hubbard is going to have to rely on Hayley even more when the couple welcomes their second child, a boy, in August.

“Having one kid’s amazing and I know having two is going to be just as amazing, as well, even better, I guess," Hubbard acknowledged. "But I think it’s one of those things you don’t really know how it’s gonna play out until it’s playing out.”

The baby, who will join big sister Olivia, will likely hit the road with his father not long after he is born.


“I know we have an extra bunk on the bus for another baby so we’ll just roll with it and see what happens," revealed the singer. "We’ve done it once and it’s only been a year, so I think we’re kind of in our groove a little bit. Hopefully it’ll make it easier than waiting too long to have another one. We’re still in diapers with one, so hopefully it’ll just transition right into the next one.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Leon Bennett