Walker Hayes Reveals Personal Importance of Nostalgic '90's Country' Single


Walker Hayes Reveals Personal Importance of Nostalgic '90's Country' Single

Dylan Scott Calls It a 'Crazy Year' Balancing Music and Family life

Dylan Scott is arguably one of the busiest artists in country music. The Louisiana native scored a chart-topping single, currently has another one also vying for the top spot, and also welcomed his first child, a son named Beckett, born in December.

"It's been a crazy 2017, 2018, with 'My Girl' going No. 1. I've got a new little baby boy," Scott tells PopCulture.com. "He's six months old. I'm a first-time Dad, and 'Hooked' is Top 15 right now. It's been a crazy year."

Scott is used to crazy hours, thanks to his job as a singer-songwriter, but admits his new baby is exhausting.

"I feel like I'm pretty good about being able to stay up all night and still function the next day, with little sleep, because we're on the road so much," Scott says. "Being a dad, and going to sleep, and waking up at 2:00, and waking up at 4:00, and waking up at 6:00, it wears on you, big time."

(Photo: Instagram/dylanscottcountry)

Scott married his wife, Blair Anderson, in June of 2016, after dating for more than a decade.

"I had to make sure I could afford her shoes and her purses," quips Scott of their long courtship. "We were young when we started dating. We were 25 when we got married. It just seemed like the right time."

As for music, the 27-year-old hints that his sophomore record is completed, and fans might get new songs sooner rather than later.

"We got a lot of music we just finished up," reveals Scott. "It will start coming out in August. We have a cool strategy behind it. The way we're going to release the music will be fun.

"Let's just say it's going to be a lot of music coming out a lot quicker than what we've done in the past," he continues. "It will be fun."

Scott may be following in the footsteps of artists like Jake Owen, who want to give fans songs when they are completed, and not just when they have enough songs for a completed project.

"It's cool for us. It's cool for the fans too," says Scott. "You don't have to wait a year or two years for another album. You can just release music and be creative with it and have fun."


Both "Hooked" and "My Girl" are available for download on iTunes. Scott will spend much of the summer performing fairs and festivals across the country. Dates can be found at DylanScottCountry.com.

Photo Credit: Instagram/dylanscottcountry