Blake Shelton Now Has His Own Alexa Alarm Tones

Blake Shelton fans can now get a personalized wake up call from the country crooner, thanks to his new alarms on Amazon's Alexa.

The personal speaker has a myriad of functions it can perform to enhance daily life, one of which is an alarm. There are dozens of different tones a user can choose, and now, two of those tones come bearing the country star's unmistakable voice.

These alarms aren't for those who like a gentle nudge awake, as both classically Shelton messages are more of a shout rather than a whisper.

“Dang! Is it time for a drink yet? I mean coffee,” the singer crows in one alarm.

“Time to get up y’all. See, where I’m from we’d already be up by now and put in a day’s work," he says in the second. "You better get up."

Shelton hails from a small town in Oklahoma, so it's safe to say his claim holds true.

To use Shelton's alarms, Alexa users can find the "Reminders and Alarms" menu item in the app, choose a device, hit "alarms," then follow these commands: Manage alarm volume and default sound — Custom Sounds — Celebrity — Blake Shelton.

"Who wouldn’t want a little Blake Shelton to help them ease out of bed in the morning?" Shelton queried, via Taste of Country. "That’s what Alexa and I are here for. I’m happy to help my fans get a start to their day."

The singer is currently serving as a judge on Season 14 of The Voice, using his country charm to persuade contestants to choose him as their coach.

Shelton is also on the road for his Country Music Freaks Tour with special guests Brett Eldredge, Carly Pearce and Trace Adkins.


Hear both of Shelton's Amazon Alexa alarm tones below — swipe left to hear both.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong /