YouTube Stars Kristin and Marcus Johns Suffer 'Horrible' Hit-and-Run Accident

YouTube stars, Marcus Johns and Kristin Johns were in a "horrible" accident stemming from an alleged hit-and-run and detailed their terrifying account on social media. The husband and wife social media duo took to their respective Instagram profiles Tuesday night with a message for fans from their hospital beds, echoing how the fact they are still alive is nothing short of a "miracle" and were both "thankful to be alive."

"Me and [Kristin] are ok! Nothing is official yet, but this is what we think has happened: We were on the far side of the road with other bikers and pedestrians," Johns captioned a video of himself lying in a hospital bed. "It is a residential neighborhood with multiple stop signs and speed bumps back to back over a short distance. I look down the road and heard an engine revving all the way up and it seemed like in the moment the guy was trying to hit us on purpose. I said to Kris 'what is this guy doing!?' He was driving erratically and swerving towards us. I tried to swerved out of the way but he just followed us to hit us. I blacked out until I got to the hospital. So after I don't know what really happened. Sadly Kristin was fully conscious and had to watch me unresponsive on the concreate (sic) till ambulance arrived for us."

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Johns adds that his wife claims the two "flew about 50 feet from the impact" and when he woke up, he tried to explain what had happened. "I didn't think people would believe me that I was convinced he was trying to actually kill us," he said of the alleged hit-and-run. "But now it wall (sic) makes sense if the robbery and police pursuit is officially confirmed."

Adding that it is all "scary stuff," he went on to write how they are "better now," but encouraged fans to keep them in their prayers. "Me and Kris got to see each other briefly today before going into our surgery and I am so glad she is safe." He went on to add that the couple is praising Jesus as "he has a plan for you and after today me and Kristin were totally reminded of this." The 27-year-old Miami native and The Punisher actor added that "surviving this was nothing short of a miracle."


Kristin shared a similar message alongside a very emotional video with the lifestyle and beauty influencer admitting how "Jesus saved our lives last night." Echoing her husband's sentiment for fans to "keep us in your prayers," the Louisiana native further shared how her femur is "snapped in half," while her husband's leg is broken. "We both had surgery this morning. I am thankful to have you guys who I know love us & have faith so please just lift us up & praise Jesus for saving us. I am thankful that we are alive."

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As of now, the two YouTube stars are unsure about the details surrounding the accident that landed them in the hospital, but ensure fans they will be updating them as they hear more from the law enforcement authorities. The pair, who married in 2017, is best known for their videos on the network both chronicling aspects of their lives — with Kristin focusing more on beauty and lifestyle trends; while Johns, a former Vine star, on sports and comedy. Combined the young couple have a little more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, but over 80 million views.