What Kaitlynn Carter Said in Her First Interview Since Miley Cyrus Make-Out Photos

Kaitlynn Carter has broken her silence after she was photographed kissing Miley Cyrus in Italy the same day the singer announced her separation from husband Liam Hemsworth on Saturday. The Hills: New Beginnings star appeared on co-star Whitney Port's podcast, With Whit, on Thursday, and although she didn't open up about her vacation with Cyrus, she did speak about how she and ex-husband Brody Jenner arrived at the decision to sign on for The Hills reboot series.

"We took so long to decide to do the show or not... Spencer approached us about it probably two years ago, and it was an automatic no," Carter says of initially turning down the series. "... The reason that I decided [to do] this was because you messaged. You're like, 'I'm doing it so I need you to do it.' So Whitney convinced me to do it."

"It was originally, we thought, kind of a crazy idea to be for Brody to be back on TV and for me to be on there in the first place because it's not really my comfort zone," she added. "But then I also thought it would be fun. The decision really was about for us to spend more time together. He was always on the road DJing, and I was on the road for work. This was a project we would do together."

Carter and Jenner announced earlier this month that they'd be separating after a year of marriage. Following their announcement, reports surfaced that the two were never actually legally married due to failure to obtain a marriage license in the U.S. following their wedding ceremony in Indonesia last summer.

During the podcast, Carter talked about her feelings about social media, which she's been active on since news about her and Cyrus broke over the weekend. "I think that my philosophy with the show and in life is just to be authentic," she said, adding that "you got to just not look at anything" in terms of negative comments online.

As for being vulnerable online, the social media influencer said that it's something she's uncomfortable with because she's "worried" that any lengthy and deep caption will "just get picked apart."

"Maybe I need to be more vulnerable on there and open up more and maybe I will," she said of her Instagram posts. "... It's that I'm worried [that] it'll just get picked apart which I think is what happens a lot of the time. If you share anything, any kind of opinion, it seems like you just get shredded."

"I'm pretty good about not having that stuff bother me, but... it sets off a whole thing like I feel like my opinion is not [valued]," she added.

Following her and Cyrus' Italian vacation with Cyrus' older sister Brandi Cyrus, Carter and Miley were spotted out together in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Despite the two spending time together, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the pair aren't serious about each other just yet.


"Miley and Kaitlynn are both newly out of their relationships and just having fun," the source says. "Really, only time will tell if Miley and Kaitlynn will last, but right now they are being a support for one another during a tough time and enjoying their time together."

A different source told the news outlet that Jenner was the one who introduced Carter to Cyrus and Hemsworth over a year ago. The source also said that despite all the drama, Jenner remains friends with the three of them, and spoke to all of them, separately, over the weekend.