Wendy Williams Loves Lizzo, But Not Her Lakers Outfit: 'It's Just Wrong'

Wendy Williams is among those shouting from the rooftops that the outfit Lizzo wore to a Los Angeles Lakers game on Sunday night was over the top. After Lizzo made headlines for the cut-out T-shirt dress that showed her bare behind in nothing but a thong, the "Juice" singer has been the topic of a wide discussion on her dress code.

On The Wendy Williams Show Tuesday, Williams started out by saying that she is a fan of Lizzo and "understands her happiness." But just because she's a fan doesn't mean she agrees with Lizzo's revealing outfit, which was featured on the jumbotron when Lizzo got up to dance to one of her songs that was playing on the P.A. system.

"That's not a dress that she pulls up. That's a dress that had the cut-out going on, which means she was sitting booty-down on the seat," Williams began of the T-shirt dress seen 'round the world. "She was sitting booty-down in the car. She was walking booty-exposed into the theater [Staples Center]."

"I would normally think that they would stop her at security and say, 'Um, ma'am, we understand, but there are children here. Games are a family affair and everyone doesn't want to see all that,'" Williams continued.

"Personally speaking, I love Lizzo. I think she's very very talented," she continued. "But I don't care whether it's Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna — it's just wrong. Just wrong. Sorry, Lizzo."

After the audience clapped for Williams' declaration, she said, "I admire her going ahead with who she is on one hand. On the other hand, I think maybe there's a time and a place for a cut-out with a thong showing, like maybe at a Lizzo show, or maybe the strip club or maybe the night club. I don't know, but to each his own."

Williams' opinion is just the latest in a widespread debate over the controversy ever since photos and videos made their way across social media Sunday night. Some have slammed her for being inappropriate, while others — like actress Jameela Jamil — have praised her for supporting body positivity.


As for what Lizzo thinks of the fierce general reaction to her night out? Taking to an Instagram Live video Monday, she said that "it doesn't really matter what goes down on the internet, nothing really breaks my joy."