Wendy Williams Shames Kanye West Weight Gain: ‘He Needs Breast Reduction’

Further proving that no celebrity is safe from her shade, Wendy Williams has now shamed Kanye West, saying that "he needs a breast reduction."

According to Hollywood Life, during a new episode of her self-titled talk show, Williams displayed a picture of West and commented on his weight, saying in part, "He's got the fatty knock knees."

"He needs a breast reduction. His belly is just… slob… you look worse than Rob [Kardashian] on Rob's worst day… From the neck down what a mess," Williams then added. "You never even knew he had the body to get that big all over like that. At least Rob gained his [weight] in the belly and the booty… Kanye blew up like a woman. You know how hard you have to eat to get this [points to the pic] as a man?"

She then joked that she needed to have the photo in question hung up in her office because it "keeps on giving."

Williams also commented on the recent tweet-storm West was responsible for in which he expressed his love for Donald Trump. "I find his rants and his tweeting and his behavior very boring." Finally, she added that she believes West suffers from mental health issues.

West is not the only member of his family that Williams has shaded this month, as earlier in April she commented on the reports that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while she was pregnant by saying, "Hearing all this stuff, I felt bad for Khloé at first, until I realized, wait a minute. Wasn't Tristan expecting a baby with his girlfriend Jordan Craig?"

"I mean, the only person I feel bad for is the baby. I don't feel bad for Khloé. Khloé, you knew when you pulled up on him that he had a girlfriend named Jordy Craig and Jordy was 5 months pregnant," she added, as reported by Us Weekly.

"By the way, sidebar, just a little note to women out there, when you're dating and you know a guy is expecting a baby with a woman, here's the thing," Williams continued.


"It might be over but the fact is — and only people who have babies know — when a baby enters the world, everyone goes to mush," Williams added. "Khloé, you jumped in some mess you didn't need to be involved with from the beginning."

The talk show host also brought up Kardashian's past relationship with Lamar Odom, and spoke directly to the former NBA star. "Lamar, she's not going back to Lamar. Lamar, you don't want that action, do you? Lamar, go back to your life," Williams quipped. "She's not gonna come back to you."