Video Reveals Wendy Williams Breaking Down and Crying Over Family Issues, Divorce

Wendy Williams recently broke down crying over all her family issues and her divorce in a new video posted online.

See The Clip Here

The scene was captured by a TMZ cameraman, who got Williams to open up a little and confess that she and her son are doing well while also wishing her ex — Kevin Hunter — "Godspeed."

The talk show host then explained that "stuff happens in life, and it's ok," and stated that she has a "very full life" that she adores.

Williams began to break down, saying through tears, "I didn't plan on this but it is what it is."

She also expressed her gratitude to fans, but asked that her family's "privacy" be respected at this difficult time. She acknowledged, however, that she knows she doesn't respect other's privacy due to the "Hot Topics" segment of her daytime talk show.

Before driving off, Williams confirmed that she believes the three of them will be seen together again in the future, saying that Kevin Jr. has many upcoming milestones that she and Hunter will both be present for.

Williams and Hunter announced their intentions to divorce earlier this year after Hunter was alleged to have been cheating on Williams with a woman who became pregnant with his child.

More recently, a source close to Williams told Hollywood Life that Williams feels like she is "unstoppable" now, and that she "has a new lease on life."

"Wendy feels incredibly sexy and she's started getting out there again and dating. She's enjoying seeing what's out there and is open to falling in love again," the source added. "It may be sooner than later that she finds someone. For now, she's having fun rediscovering herself and her feminine power."

Williams has been romantically linked to DJ Boof since filing for divorce from Hunter, even opening up about it on her show.

"The invitations for social events just keep pouring into my phone. They really do," she said. "I was minding my own business last night, I was reading my book. All of a sudden my cell phone rings, and it's DJ Boof, asking me out for dinner."

"Just at that time, I got a knock at my door — my foie gras and Ting were delivered. So I'm like, Boof or food? Both, right," she continued. "I set up my meal while I told Boof, 'I'll see you over the weekend, pick me up on time.' "


At this time, Williams has not confirmed whether or not she and DJ Boof are officially dating.