Wendy Williams Blasts Madonna's 'Old Lady' Billboard Music Awards Performance

Wendy Williams has blasted Madonna's Billboard Music Awards performance, saying the iconic pop star is an "old lady" now.

During her daytime talk show on Thursday, Williams shared her thoughts on the big award show, but specifically singled out Madonna, who she was not impressed with.

“She moves like an old lady...and if you move like an old lady then you should just stick to your old lady moves,” Williams said of the "Like a Virgin" singer.

She also took issue with Madonna's outfit as well, saying, “Those stupid grills, and the patch over her eye," adding, "and she was sitting on the floor, and the dancers were dragging her around like a wet dishrag...like, eww.”

While she was not a fan of Madonnas' performance, Williams was very into what Cardi B and Mariah Carey delivered, which frustrated many of her fans on Twitter.

"Praising Cardi, and Mariah, who clearly can't sing anymore, and dissing Madonna? Not knowing who Maluma is? You're showing your bitter age missy," one person commented.

"Boy are you ageist! Last week u liked Madonna’s video but u trash her for BBMA live performance.. moves like an “old lady”. Way to go Wendy, I’ve seen Maddie live, out dance, sing, flip, get carried, climb drop, roll as recent as 2016," another person tweeted.

"So rude about [Madonna]," another person said. "Madonna was jumping around the stage 20 years ago love ! Paula lip synced for her life ! She was entertaining, your not love x

Not everyone was mad at Williams, however, as a few people agreed with her, as one person joked, "Wendy Williams is READING Madonna."

One other person replied, "Thank you [Wendy Williams] for tellin' tit like it tis!!! Madonna was mess!!! She was moving like a old behind lady fo-real! [Madonna] do some throw backs!!!!"


Notably, 54-year-old Williams is actually only 6 years younger than 60-year-old Madonna.

The TV host recently revealed that she is divorcing her husband Kevin Hunter after he allegedly cheated on her.