See Coco Austin's Pre-VMAs Photos Featuring Her Stunning Sheer Dress That Almost Caused Wardrobe Malfunction

Coco Austin's VMAs 2019 look was a sheer dress that almost caused a wardrobe malfunction, and now [...]

Coco Austin's VMAs 2019 look was a sheer dress that almost caused a wardrobe malfunction, and now she has shared some photos of the outfit that she snapped pre-showtime. In the photos, Austin poses on a balcony, with one hand on her hip and the other on a glass barrier. In the first photo, she shared a full-length view of the dress, with the next two images being close-ups of her hairstyle and makeup for the big award event.

"Getting ready for the VMA's .. i was going for old Hollywood Glam with a twist.." Coco wrote in the caption of the photos. Many of her fans and followers have since commented on the post.

"I love love love when you do the old glam hair, like the pin up curls and this," added one fan as another chimed in, "I absolutely LOVE everything about your look but mostly your hair! How do you get the pin-up calendar girl curls?? Or waves?"

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"I need to know your skin routine! Any laser treatments you would recommend. You're skin is #goals!!" someone else exclaimed.

Austin and her rapper/actor husband Ice-T attended the 2019 VMAs together this year, and there is no denying that Austin's dress was one of the most talked about aspects of the entire event.

In addition to all her Instagram followers praising her look, many Twitter fans were complimenting it as well.

"Always looking great CoCo," one fan tweeted, while another acknowledged her great "throwback outfit."

"May I just say: Ice T and Coco T are the TRUE Hollywood love story," someone else quipped.

Notably, while Austin and many other celebrities turned up and dazzled at the VMAs this year, it's since been reported that the show's ratings took a major dive from previous years.

According to reports, only 1.93 million viewers tuned in to the awards show live, making this is the third consecutive year that the VMAs has suffered a ratings drop.

Nevertheless, it has still certainly provided fans with endless and invaluable social media content.

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