Victoria Beckham Slammed for Photo of 'Sickly' Thin Model

Former Spice Girl and model Victoria Beckham released photos for her Summer 2018 eye wear campaign, but not everybody is happy with what they see.

Beckham was hit by a barrage of comments on social media after posting a pair of photos of 29-year-old Lithuanian model Giedre Dukauskaite. People weren't upset over the glasses, but rather how skinny Dukauskaite looked in the pictures.

"(I) didn't even notice the glasses," commenter Elena Mata Westerman wrote. "The model was the focus. Sickly skinny! Beckham should be ashamed promoting eating disorders. Her young daughter is heavier than her models. Shame."

"I'm sorry but this picture is just so wrong," Another commenter using the name "owensker13" wrote. "If the model is naturally this slim, then I apologise, however I have a feeling she is not. This is not a picture I would want my 13 year old daughter seeing who already said she needs to lose weight at a size 8.

"Victoria I adore you but with the exorbitant prices you charge for you(r) clothing couldn't you at least buy this model a sandwich. For gods sake?" Trace Taylor wrote.


Dozens of more comments followed. Beckham is no stranger to controversy when it comes to using skinny models. In 2015 she defended herself by saying all of her model casting decisions were monitored to make sure every model was healthy prior to a show.

Ironically, Beckham has spoken out against using overly-skinny models in the past, pledging to the 'Healthy is Beauty' fashion campaign created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America back in 2010.