Valerie Bertinelli Cries for Son Wolfgang's Grammy Nom for Tribute to Father Eddie Van Halen

Valerie Bertinelli didn't even try to hide her pride for son Wolfgang at the Grammys on Sunday. According to Entertainment Tonight, she was on hand with her son to support him for his nomination in the Best Rock Song category for "Distance." The song is a tribute to his late father, Eddie Van Halen, and Bertinelli told the outlet just how emotional the moment was for her family.

"I mean, the song that Wofie wrote is absolutely stunning, gorgeous and it's really beautiful that he was honored for it, and for songwriting," the actress told ET. "Because that is the first thing that really stuck out to me, was like, 'Wolf, you are a songwriter. That is the hardest part about being a musician."

Van Halen passed away in 2020 after a long struggle with cancer, leaving behind a heck of a career and a pretty talented son. The former Van Halen bassist told the outlet that his father would be right there alongside his mother filled with pride.

"He would be losing his mind, but also, at the same time, he would be like, 'duh,' because that's how much he believed in me," Wolfgang Van Halen told ET on the Grammys red carpet. He also spoke on how surreal it was to be nominated alongside names like Paul McCartney and Foo Fighters. "It certainly is, to be in the same category as a Beatle and Dave Grohl for songwriting, so, that's why it feels like I am dreaming this right now."

Foo Fighters walked away with the win for the night, but even speaking of the moment was overwhelming for Bertinelli. ET was quick to add that she started to tear up hearing her son talk about accepting the potential award. "I'm not sure I will be listening, just because it's just crazy to be here," Van Halen said as his mother teared up. "I think if it does end up happening, I will go deaf and then we will see what happens."

The Foo Fighters win likely isn't a sour mark for anybody following the loss of Taylor Hawkins only weeks ago. Van Halen gave his thoughts on the drummer's passing and praised Dave Grohl as an inspiration.

"It was absolutely terrible," Van Halen said about Hawkins. "I got to meet him once, and he was such a phenomenal dude. We are on tour right now. We are playing a Foo Fighters song in his honor every night, so, it's just like, the least I can do."