More Women Come Forward to Sue Usher for Allegedly Exposing Them to STD

Usher is on the verge of being sued yet again for allegedly exposing two more women and a man to herpes.

According to PEOPLE, Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who represents Blac Chyna in her revenge-porn case against Rob Kardashian, is planning to file a lawsuit in a California court next week, on behalf of the alleged victims.

Two of the people in the suit accusing Usher of knowingly exposing them to herpes are doing so anonymously, but it's reported that a third victim will speak out publicly at a press conference following the suit's filling.

News recently emerged that the R&B star previously settled an STD lawsuit against him where was accused of infecting a woman with herpes and no sooner had that info come to light than a new woman came forward saying he did the same thing to her.

The second accuser said that she and Usher had a sexual interaction this year. She performed oral sex on him and then they had protected sex.

Later, however, she said they met again and had unprotected sex. It turns out, however, that it wasn't until news about his previous lawsuit, in which he confessed to having herpes, came out that she discovered she had been "exposed" to the STD by the singer.

Her lawsuit claims Usher never told her that he had the virus and had he disclosed, she never would have engaged in sex with him.

She is suing "U.R. IV" (Usher Raymond IV) for "negligence, battery, and emotional distress," as well as seeking roughly $10 million in damages.

This brings the total number of people who have accused or are currently accusing Usher of knowingly infecting them with herpes to five.

Reporters reached out to Usher's representatives but have yet to hear back.

Usher divorced his wife in 2009 and sometime around then began a sexual relationship with an unnamed woman who is said to be a celebrity stylist.

The documents revealed the woman claims Usher convinced her that he did not have an STD, at which point they continued to engage in unprotected sex. This was the first woman to bring accusations of this nature against the singer.

Eventually, the woman started "feeling very sick" and came down with a "fever of 100 degrees, chills, headache, and aches and pains."

She sought medical care and was told by a doctor, following an examination, that she did, in fact, have herpes. The documents also state that Usher covered her medical expenses which exceeded $2,000.

The suit was filed because the woman stated Usher "consciously and purposefully" withheld the info of his herpes from her and that he also "continued to have unprotected sex" with her.


A statement in the suit also detailed that the two spoke about the situation and that Usher agreed to help her, reading, "In a series of telephone conversations and online chat sessions, [Usher] has apologized for infecting [her] and told her he would take care of things."

Ultimately, Usher settled the suit on December 28th, 2012 to the tune of $1.1 million.