Tom Hanks' Sister Says He's Doing 'Not Great But Still OK' Following Coronavirus Diagnosis

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were discharged from a hospital in Australia this week after they both tested positive for COVID-19, and Hanks' sister Sandra Hanks Benoiton has offered an update on their condition to the Daily Mail. "I have communicated with my brother," she said. "He's not great, but still OK. [Am I] shocked? No. He's an actor, not a god [but] medical care in Australia is good."

Hanks Benoiton is on lockdown in Italy, where she and her family have been living since 2016. "We're OK here … staying home is fine with us, and this community is wonderful," she said. "I'm lucky to be here, the spirit of the people is amazing!" She added, "The US and the UK are failing miserably, however."

Hanks' most recent update to fans came on Wednesday, when he posted a photo of a Corona typewriter he had brought to Australia.

"Hey folks. Good News: One week after testing Positive, in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same," he wrote. "No fever but the blahs. Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch. Bad news: My wife [Rita Wilson] has won 6 straight hands of Gin Rummy and leads by 201 points. But I have learned not to spread my Vegemite so thick. I travelled here with a typewriter, one I used to love. We are all in this together. Flatten the curve. Hanx."

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Hanks and Wilson's son Chet Hanks also offered an update on his parents after their release from the hospital.

"Quick update on my folks: They're out of the hospital. They're still self-quarantined obviously, but they're feeling a lot better, so that's a relief," the 29-year-old said in a video he posted on Instagram earlier this week. "Anyone else out there that has loved ones, or if you yourself are afflicted with the virus, my prayers go out to you because a lot of people are suffering other than my parents right now."

Chet ended with some words of encouragement to anyone watching his video and some admonishment for those who had panic-purchased toilet paper.

"I think the most important thing is we just stay calm because panicking really isn't necessary, and it's just making things more difficult than they need to be," he said. "If you went to the grocery store and hoarded all the water and the toilet paper for yourself I think you're the problem."


"You should think more all of others for once," he added. "I think if we all just be a little less selfish and more selfless we're gonna be completely fine."

Photo Credit: Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic, Getty