Tom Hanks Delights In-N-Out Customers by Buying Lunches for Everyone

Tom Hanks is probably one of the most beloved stars in the world and for good reason — the [...]

Tom Hanks is probably one of the most beloved stars in the world and for good reason — the 62-year-old has a heart of gold, and proved it continues to shine over the weekend.

The Oscar-winning actor lives up to his reputation and just days before Christmas while dining with his wife, Rita Wilson, treated customers at a Fontana, California In-N-Out restaurant to lunch. As E! News reports, Hanks also bought lunch for those waiting in drive-thru as shared by several users on social media.

Several fans took to social media to share their excitement of being treated by Hanks and how kind the beloved celebrity was.

One fan, Renee Chavez took to Facebook to share video of Hanks going up to the drive-thru windows and handing money to the cashier, telling E! News that he signed In-N-Out hats and took pictures with everyone.

"He was genuinely nice, laughing, talking with everyone and taking selfies!" she added. "He wished us a Merry Christmas on his way out."

Another fan by the name of Meghan, posted to Instagram photos of Hanks with his wife, eating burgers at the In-N-Out location, while chatting with employees at the counter and taking selfies.

After Hanks' sweet gesture ahead of the holiday season went viral with hundreds of outlets, fans took to the comments section of several social networks to express how much they loved the actor.

This sweet gesture was not the first time Hanks partook in activities with fans. In 2016, Hanks surprised a couple getting married in New York and took part in their wedding photos.

It was reported earlier this year that Hanks was set to star as the iconic children's TV host, Mr. Rogers.

The film, titled, You Are My Friend, is based on the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and a journalist named Tom Junod. Junod, portrayed a cynic, was assigned to write a profile on Rogers at the height of his TV fame, but the experience softens Junod's outlook and helps him gain perspective. The film is set to release October 2019.

Hanks is also reportedly in talks to star as Geppetto in Disney's live-action, Pinocchio.

Photo credit: Instagram / Oak Park Elementary