Tom Felton Gets Candid About 'Harry Potter' Co-Star Emma Watson Amid Romance Rumors

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch recently made headlines after insinuating that her fellow franchise stars Emma Watson and Tom Felton had crushes on each other while filming the first few Harry Potter movies, something many fans had already known for years. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Felton responded to the romantic speculation about himself and Watson, sharing that "We are something, if that makes any sense."

"We've been very close for a long time. I adore her," he continued. "I think she's fantastic. Hopefully she returns the compliment." As for whether the two have a romantic connection, the actor demurred the question. "As far as the romantic side of it, I think that's a Slytherin/Gryffindor thing rather than a Tom and Emma thing," he said. "I absolutely think the world of her. I think to be a part of what we've all been a part of, but for her to be the only girl, certainly the youngest one on set, to grow up with what she had to grow up with was incredibly exciting. You're going to get me teary now, but no, I think she's a fantastic influence on the world."

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The 33-year-old added that he regularly speaks to his Harry Potter co-stars, including Watson. "I spoke to Emma a couple days ago and immediately it was conversations about, 'Oh wow, the kitchen sink's been plugged' or some trivial nonsense like my dog wouldn't eat a particular kind of food," he said.

Both Felton and Watson have previously addressed their pre-teen crushes, and Lynch recently told Us Weekly that she just missed it when she joined the franchise. "Oh, it was so disappointing for me because I joined on the fifth one. I was on Order of the Phoenix and there was this sense that exciting things had happened in the last movie, and I just missed it," she said. "[I joined when] everyone had kind of grown out of their crushes and they were moving on to, like, people in the outside world. And I felt that like, damn, I missed all the drama! It was so fun the last film, according to some stories. But no, by the time I got there, they were all mature and those hormones were calming down."


Felton and Watson previously sparked romance rumors in 2019 when Felton posted a photo of himself and Watson sitting on a couch together as he taught her how to play the guitar. In April, he wished Watson a happy birthday with a throwback photo of the two at an event and wrote, "Happy birthday to the one & only."