Tina and Ike Turner's Son Ronnie Turner's Cause of Death Revealed

Ronnie Turner, the son of legendary singer Tina Turner, died due to complications of metastatic colon carcinoma. Days after Turner's wife, French singer Afida Turner, confirmed her husband's passing, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner's office confirmed Turner's cause of death, revealing that the 62-year-old died of natural causes.

The musician, who played in a band called Manufactured Funk and also had a small part in his mother's 1993 biopic What's Love Got to Do with It, was pronounced dead on Dec. 9 after the 62-year-old was found struggling to breathe. Turner eventually stopped breathing, and 911 was called to the Encino, California residence. Despite CPR attempts, he was pronounced dead at the scene by responding paramedics. Released Tuesday and obtained by E! News, the coroner's report listed his manner of death as natural, citing complications of metastatic colon carcinoma as his official cause of death. The report also showed that Turner suffered from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, a build-up of cholesterol plaque in the walls of arteries causing obstruction of blood flow at the time of his death.

The coroner's report was released less than a week after Turner's wife, whom he married in 2007, shared the heartbreaking news of her husband's passing. In a statement to Instagram, Afida remembered Turner as "a true angel" and her "best friend," writing that she did the best to the end this time I was no[t] able to save you." She continued, "Love you for... 17 years this is very very very bad and I am very mad. This is a tragedy u with your brother Craig and your father Ike Turner and Aline rest in paradise... So unfair." She later hinted at her husband's cause of death in a later post, revealing that Turner "got sick in 3 weeks f- cancer."

Shortly after news of his passing broke, Turner's mother, the famous singer Tina Turner, also paid tribute. Tina paid tribute to her son on social media, where she shared a black-and-white portrait of herself as she wrote, "Ronnie, you left the world far too early. In sorrow I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son."

Turner's tragic passing came just four years after the death of his older brother, Craig Turner. Craig died by suicide in 2018, with his mother later telling Gayle King, "I think Craig was lonely, that's what I think really got him more than anything else. I have pictures all around of him smiling, and I think I'm sensing that he's in a good place. I really do." 

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