Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner's Son, Reportedly Dead at 62

Ronnie Turner, the son of music legend Tina Turner has died, according to TMZ. He was 62 years old. TMZ was told by a law enforcement source that they received a 911 call on Thursday morning from a person who said Ronnie was outside their home and having a hard time breathing. Ronnie then stopped breathing, and paramedics rushed to the San Fernando Valley address where bystanders were attempting CPR. Ronnie was pronounced dead on the scene.

TMZ says it's not clear what led to Ronnie's medical emergency, but Tina's son was known to have health issues, including cancer. The death of Ronnie comes four years after Turner's oldest son, Craig, died by suicide. Tina gave birth to Craig before she met and eventually married Ike Turner in 1962, and Ike adopted Craig when they got married. 

Ronnie was married to French media personality Afida Turner. The 45-year-old went to Instagram to post an emotional message to her husband. "My god Ronnie turner a true angel hiuge [sic] soul highly spiritual my husband my best friend my baby iyour [sic] mummy your nurse i did the best to the end this time i was no [sic] able to save you love u for this 17 years this is very very very bad i am very mad ," Afida captioned in the Instagram post. "This is a tragedy u with your brother craig and your father ike turner and aline rest in paradise  so unfair."

According to his bio, Ronnie was a musician like his parent. He was also an actor as he appeared in the movie What's Love Got to Do with It, which is based on the life of Tina Turner.  He was also a real estate broker in Los Angeles and was living with his wife in Beverly Hills. 

Tina Turner has yet to comment on Ronnie's death. But when Craig died in 2018, the 83-year-old singer explained the issues he was dealing with. "I think Craig was lonely, that's what I think really got him more than anything else," Turner told Gayle King in an interview in 2019, per Page Six. "I have pictures all around of him smiling, and I think I'm sensing that he's in a good place. I really do." 

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