Tim Conway: 'Carol Burnett Show' Star 'Unable to Make His Own Healthcare Decisions' Amid Dementia Battle

TV legend Tim Conway's health has deteriorated to the point where he reportedly can no longer "make his own healthcare decisions." The Carol Burnett Show star is suffering from dementia, leaving his wife and daughter to debate each other over his medical care and treatment.

According to PEOPLE, Conway's wife Charlene and daughter Kelly had settled their differences over the star's care. Court documents obtained by the magazine show that his partner was appointed a conservator of the Dorf star after "clear and convincing evidence" was found that a conservatorship was "necessary."

Charlene Conway was found to be "suitable and qualified" and her husband consented the court's decision.

Conway's daughter Kelly had initially filed to be appointed a conservator of her father back in August, alleging that her stepmother was "planning to move [Conway] out of the excellent skilled nursing facility he is currently at" to place him in a facility that the publication calls "lesser quality."

The 2018 filing claims that Conway couldn't "properly provide for his personal needs for physical health, food, and clothing," adding that the TV great was "almost entirely unresponsive."

The battle between daughter and wife led to a Kelly being granted a restraining order to stop Charlene from moving her father to a new residence and the eventual rejection of the daughter's petition by a judge in September. According to People, it was at this time Charlene noted in court documents from October that she did not believe Conway needed a conservator, but she should be appointed if one was needed.

Kelly is one of Conway's daughters from his prior marriage to Mary Anne Dalton. The two were married from 1961-1978 according to People and had six children together, including daughter Jackie and sons Jaime, Tim Jr., Pat, Corey, and Shawn in addition to Kelly.


Charlene is the actor's second wife, married in 1984. Both live together in Encino, California and the actor has a step-daughter via Charlene.

Conway is best known for his roles on McHale's Navy and The Carol Burnett Show. He has also made countless guest appearances over the years on shows like Married...With Children, 30 Rock, and SpongeBob Squarepants. Some might also remember him as the character Dorf in a series of straight-to-video comedy films revolving around sports.