Tim Allen Is Posting Some Really Weird Bug Photos on Twitter Right Now

Self-isolation has affected everyone in different ways. For Tim Allen, it seems that it's got him closer to nature. Or, at least the nature found in his own yard. Along with the second photo, Allen quipped that "The matching outfit suggests it might be a she," adding "are these male or female?"

The Last Man Standing star tweeted out a pair of photos showing a closeup of a bug he saw in his yard. Which isn't all that unusual, given people the world over are being encouraged (or ordered) to stay indoors to help slow the spread of coronavirus. His own series put its production on temporary hiatus on March 15. It also axed plans to film the season finale in front of a live studio audience, though there are plans to resume when social distancing guidelines are relaxed -- which at this point won't be until May.

Just days prior to Last Man Standing shutting down, which is one of a number of productions that have pulled the plug to help contain the outbreak, Allen also offered some words of encouragement to his Toy Story co-star Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who were the first high-profile celebrities to test positive for COVID-19.

"I told Tom and Rita that Buzz offered a couple of spacesuits if they need them," Allen tweeted. "Seriously rest up and get well!"

Last Man Standing is currently the middle of its second season on Fox and eighth season overall. The sitcom premiered on ABC back in 2011, who canceled the show after Season 6. In 2018, Season 7 premiered at its new home on Fox.


Allen stars in the series as Mike Baxter, a conservative family man. Nancy Travis plays his wife Vanessa, and Amanda Fuller, Molly McCook and Kaitlyn Dever play his daughters Kristin, Mandy and Eve, respectively. However, as Dever has continued to star in other projects, including last year's comedy Booksmart and the Netflix limited series Unbelievable, she has appeared on the series less and less recently.

McCook recently told PopCulture.com that everyone on set hopes she'll be able to return. "We just love having her around, and we've all been talking about her every day and watching her success. And I know that she wants to be back. So if there's time in her schedule, I know that she'll make it happen."