Terry Crews: 'I Believe My Family Is Being Tracked and Possibly Bugged'

Terry Crews made some unsettling claims last night about his ongoing case against William Morris Enterprises, suggesting that the agency is having him followed, blacklisted and hacking his computers.

Crews began with a tweet reminding followers that Adam Venit, the man he has accused of sexual assault, was a founding partner of WME.

Crews said that he believes WME executives were behind the strange email he got from Russell Simmons shortly after his accusations went public. Crews tweeted a screenshot of the email a while back.

This is also where he voiced his suspicion that WME had his family computer hacked. Crews says he built the computer with his 10-year-old son, Isaiah.

In the next tweet, Crews suggests that he's been discussing this ongoing harassment with the LAPD officers investigating his claims against Venit. He says that he's been told "these people don't play fair," and he even acknowledges the possibility that he might have an "untimely accident."


Crews finished with a message of hope. "Retaliation in some form is expected," he wrote, "but vulnerability and openness is actually my best protection."

As part of the #MeToo movement back in October, Crews accused Venit of groping and humiliating him at a party at Adam Sandler's house. Venit was subsequently put on a month-long unpaid leave from WME, but has since been reinstated with a demotion. The LAPD has an open investigation into the assault, and Crews has a separate lawsuit against Venit going as well.