Terry Crews Defends His Sexual Assault Claims by Putting Twitter Hater on Blast

Terry Crews continues to speak out online about his experience with sexual assault. On Friday, Crews let one of the trolls in his mentions have it when he fired back at a comment about his sexuality.

Warning: these tweets contain offensive language.

Crews was responding the tweet below, which was posted without tagging him.

Both tweets have sparked conversation about race, gender, sexuality, and how society treats victims of assault.

Crews faced some backlash when he joined in on the #MeToo campaign almsot two months ago. Many people saw the trend as more of a statement about systemic misogyny. While no one tried to deny Crews' experience, many felt that his voice would only confuse the real message of the issue: that all women face some form of sexual harassment in their lives.

Yet this tweet perfectly exemplifies how Crews' is using his voice and his status to support women and advance their cause. Hopefully his stature won't overshadow the larger conversation in our country.

Crews has accused an executive in the entertainment industry of groping him without his consent. His case is currently open with the LAPD.