Shocking Allegations Surface About Teresa Giudice Reportedly Cheating On Husband

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is allegedly cheating on her husband Joe, who is currently serving a 41-month sentence in prison.

When Joe first reported to New Jersey's Fort Dix Correctional Institution back in March of 2016, his 45-year-old reality star wife would regularly make the 90-mile trek from their home to visit him behind bars. She would bring their four daughters - Gia, 16, Gabriella, 12, Milania, 11, and Audriana, 7 - "usually every other week," an insider close to Teresa said while talking to Us Weekly. "And they talk on the phone several times a day."

While their bond seemed stronger than ever when Joe first went to prison, Teresa is now reportedly involved in a relationship with a New Jersey businessman.

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The source continued by saying that Teresa "hasn't visited Joe in prison for a few months."

Kim DePaola, one of Teresa's close friends, spoke out about the reality star's new fling.

"They've been pretty cozy I'm going to say in the last five months," DePaola said. "I think Teresa has every right to go out and find somebody else. She should leave Joe."

Teresa's attorney James L. Leonard Jr. says that the rumors are not true.

"There's no truth in [any suggestion of] an affair," Leonard said. He claims that the "manufactured" stories about Teresa and Joe are "all sizzle and no steak."

"Sadly, Teresa is used to this. She and her family have been a target of these types of attacks for years," he said.

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He continued by saying: "[The cheating allegations] are 1,000 percent false and have been manufactured by attention-seeking lowlifes who have no moral compass. The only man in Teresa's life is Joe Giudice. Period. End of story."

Teresa Giudice isn't the only one who's been accused of infidelity. Rumors that Joe was unfaithful began circulating in October of last year.

During an interview with People in February of 2016, Teresa said that she and her husband have an implicit trust.


"I have single friends so if I'm going to be out and if there's people around us and if there's men around us, I'm not going to be like, 'Oh my God, stay away from us, I'm afraid somebody is going to take a picture of us.' I'm just going to live my life," Teresa said. "Joe trusts me, he knows I'm faithful, I know he's faithful and that's all that matters."

She continued by saying: "We've been married 16 years. Listen, we're both devoted to each other, and I don't have a collar around his neck. If we didn't want to be around each other we would both go our separate ways."