Taylor Swift's Neighbors Are Furious at Her Buying New Apartment

Taylor Swift just bought a new apartment in Tribeca, New York City, but she's already made some enemies out of her new neighbors.

Swift's dropped $9.75 million for her new place in the same building where she already owns an 8,000-square foot duplex from two units. And one building over she owns a three-story townhouse. According to the New York Post, Swift's New York real estate collection costs $47.7 million.

And while some neighbors are happy to be living near a celebrity like Swift, others aren't pleased with the attention and paparazzi she brings to the neighborhood

"We don't need celebrities here that will draw the focus [of] the paparazzi or extra fan attention," a neighbor told the New York Post. "[There's already a] small swarm of teenage girls lurking and swooning outside [Swift's home regularly]. Yes, we have celebrities living here -- [but] we like not having conspicuous celebrities here. That's why we live in Tribeca. Because the flashier famous people are clustered [in neighborhoods] like the West Village."

The paper reports that days after Swift made her last Tribeca purchase in October, a neighbor stapled a flier to a nearby street pole reading "Taylor Swift Can Go F— Herself."

The building was already notorious locally, as it was the hiding place for International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn after he allegedly assault a hotel maid. The neighbors are concerned that Swift might start up another large scale construction project and combine two units, just like she did with the 8,000-foot duplex.

"Franklin Street has a history of being an apocalypse of construction," the neighbor said. "When even one lane is blocked off it can cause chaos."


"People are concerned," another neighbor said. "Everyone's wondering what she'll do — if she will connect the buildings for the garage access [as the townhouse has its own garage with a private entrance] or make a massive compound," said one resident who lives nearby and who, like the entrepreneur, asked that The Post withhold her name for fear of angering Swift. "There was speculation on what she needs the new townhouse and second unit for. Some think [the townhouse] is for parking!"

Along with her financial planning, some claim that Swift is a burden to have as a neighbor. A commenter of the Tribeca Citizen website claims that she hogs the only elevator in the building, not allowing anyone else on along with her and her bodyguards, who also will hold the elevator on the top floor whenever she's preparing to leave.