Takeoff's Brother YRN Lingo Shares Emotional Tribute

Takeoff's younger brother, rapper YRN Lingo, is working through his feelings slowly but surely. In an Instagram post on Monday, Lingo addressed his late brother directly in a heartbreaking note about grief and legacy. He then shared several family photos to show what is on his mind right now.

Takeoff, a founding member of the rap music trio Migos, passed away earlier this month in a seemingly random shooting outside a private party in Houston, Texas. His friends and colleagues have had a hard time grappling with this senseless loss, and his family even more so. His younger brother did not mince words about his own feelings after four weeks. He wrote: "Dear Take, I don't know where to begin, I honestly still can't believe it. My big brother, my right hand, my other half, my literal twin."

"I hate that I have to move on with my life without you physically here, I wish I could just stop time and wait, but I know that can't happen," Lingo continued in the heartfelt note. "It's a lot of things I'm going to miss about you, I could name them but it would be a full list and that would take forever. I looked up to you more than anyone on this earth and I will never stop looking up to you. I'll carry your name until the day I die."

Lingo described several fond memories and anecdotes, drawing on all his childhood years with Takeoff as well as more recent times. Amidst all his reminiscing, he described his action plan for processing his grief. He wrote: "I have to live by your book now, think before I speak, love the family before anyone and anything, and most importantly put my faith in God. I will see you again one day in heaven brother... Love you big brother always and forever! Love, Lingo."

The post also included seven photos of Takeoff and Lingo together from childhood into adulthood. While the subject matter was sad, most of the pictures showed the two brothers wearing smiles. Fans left their condolences in the comments, and many wrote that they appreciated Lingo's vulnerability in this post.


Takeoff's record label officially described his cause of death as a "stray bullet," while the Houston Police Department claimed that they did not believe Takeoff was the intended target of the shooting. One 16-year-old suspect was detained last week as the primary suspect in the murder of Takeoff. The investigation is technically ongoing.