'Suits' Star Amanda Schull Welcomes First Child

Suits actress Amanda Schull and husband George Wilson have welcomed their first child together! Schull gave birth in February and announced the sweet pair are now the parents to a baby boy according to Us Weekly. The two who tied the knot in May 2011, were excited to welcome their first child together, announcing on social media, "My latest project," Schull wrote on Tuesday March 10.

The actress who's known for playing Katrina Bennett on the popular show, is also known as Jody Sawyer on Center Stage — a favored film by her former cast member Meghan Markle. While she was known as Sawyer, she did audition for the role of Maureen Cummings for the 2000 movie.

"I said, 'Oh, I do like this character more. I'd like to audition for this role please,'" she explained to the outlet. "I said, 'I just think she's nastier. I think it's more fun.'"

"I think they were all important story lines," the former professional ballet dancer continued. "I think that like any kind of career there are many different people involved in the ballet world. There are stage moms, there are people who have eating disorders, there are people who have family dynamics outside that change the trajectory of their career. There are all sorts of things that exist in the ballet world. And they did want to be as true to dance as possible."

By now, every cast member on Suits has probably been asked several questions about what it was like working with Markle and Schull is no different. While she says she doesn't know Prince Harry personally, she knows he's "the lucky one" in the relationship because her girl Markle is a delight to be around.

"Prince Harry is the lucky one," she said. "I'm so thrilled for both of them. I don't know Harry personally, but he's a very lucky man to have Meghan in his life because I can only say wonderful things about her."

While Markle has expanded her fan base since becoming a royal, she was actually a fan of Schull's film Center Stage.


"A fun little tidbit with Meghan — she was a Center Stage fan," she said in 2018. "So she would ask me lots of questions about Center Stage, which is really sweet."

Markle and Harry, who are currently in the U.K. making their last rounds as royals, will officially step down as senior level royals on March 31 and head back to Canada where they currently reside.