Audio Surfaces of Steven Seagal Making Derogatory Comments About Female Journalists

Audiotapes of Steven Seagal making derogatory comments about female reporters has surfaced on the internet. In the explosive clips, the 65-year-old action star can be heard calling females in the media a "bunch of f***ing dirty w****s" and "c***suckers."

The audio, which was obtained by DailyMailTV, was captured while Seagal was promoting his 1988 film Above the Law. In the clip, Seagal details the differences in his experience of dealing with men and women in interviews.

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"Well, I found that interestingly enough, the few times that I had a hard time, it was usually with women," he said. "When somebody is on tour, a promotional tour, he's there to talk about his film, not about who he's f***ed or who he would like to f**k or who his wife was with ten years ago."

"They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that s**t. They're a bunch of a**holes," he continued.

Seagal was the asked by the reporter why he thinks that women in the media have treated him "unfairly."

"You think it's because of the subject matter? Most women don't like action pictures," the reporter said.

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"I won't even dare tell you what I think it is. One time, I'm sure that's what it was and another time it was just some dumb c**t that is a liar and wanted to be sensational," Seagal said.

Seagal claimed that a female journalist "pretended like she was in love" with him and then went on to write allegedly false stories about him.

"If I ever see her again, I'll tell her to her face, I think she belongs in a zoo," he said. "Bunch of f***ing dirty w****s!"

"You sit down with this sweet little nice girl and she seems to adore you and all this and that, and you're a perfect gentleman, and you know, unbelievable," he said.

The reporter then asks Seagal how to "combat" these type of situations.


"The way you combat is by let's not ever do an interview again to show these c***suckers," Seagal said.

Seagal has yet to release a comment on the audio.