Sophia Bush's No-Nonsense Birth Control PSA Is Causing Controversy

Sophia Bush recently starred in a birth control PSA, and some people are not happy.

The Chicago P.D. alum partnered with ATTN for the message to men about birth control legislation. She takes a no-nonsense approach to the issue, which is about women having their birth control covered by their insurance.

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"Seventy-one percent of our elected officials are men, and they don't know s--- about birth control," Bush says. "Birth control is about more than just contraception. Have you ever been kicked in the nuts repeatedly, like over and over again? Well, that's what it's like to experience menstrual pain. That's why 31 percent of women and girls take the pill to ease it."

From there she goes into more of the various reasons women take birth control, including preventing unplanned pregnancy, controlling chronic acne and regulating menstrual flow.

"Now I realize words like 'flow' might be uncomfortable for you," Bush says. "But if you want to regulate my access to birth control you're gonna have to deal with it."

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Bush then bashes politicians for putting all the blame on women having sex and not on men. She also points out they aren't trying to remove Viagra from the insurance coverage list.


Bush's fans seemed to love the video, but some in the general public did not agree. Arguments ensued in the replies to the tweet. Even Bush jumped in to drop some more knowledge on detractors.

See some of the reactions below.