'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ryan Hurst Lands Major Video Game Role

Ryan Hurst, best known to fans of The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, has booked his next gig, and it's already got people talking. Hurst is taking on the role of the mighty Thor in the latest God of War video game, Ragnarök. Ragnarök's developer Sony Santa Monica revealed several character designs from the upcoming game, including Hurst's Thor, at the PlayStation Showcase on Thursday.

Ragnarök will feature the exploits of God of War's protagonist Kratos as he and his son, Atreus, face the oncoming Norse apocalypse. While the game won't hit shelves until 2022, this small glimpse has drummed up plenty of discussion about the design choices, particularly Thor's beefy new look. After years of Chris Hemsworth as the chiseled face of the god of thunder in the MCU, some fans complained about the Norse brawler's stockier physique in this different medium.

Hurst even got in on the ribbing, sharing the design reveal on his Instagram account with the caption "I look much better in person. Trust me." Not content to leave that statement to the imagination, the star of The Mysterious Benedict Society also shared a shirtless mirror selfie showing off his real-life abs. "Ah, Vanity," he joked. "My old friend. Game CGI done me dirty."

While Hurst was one of many who slagged on Thor's belly, a lot of people online pointed out that God of War's Thor still looked like he would win in any fight. "How can people complain about Thor design in God of War Ragnarok?" wrote one Twitter user. "When we were taught about the gods here in Sweden, this is literally what he was depicted as, a beer-drinking strongman. Not some super ripped beach dude. The design couldn't be any more spot on."


"'Thor doesn't look like a warrior' bro if that man hit you with that hammer you would die shut the f— up," quipped games journalist Ty Galiz-Rowe. "Have the people who are big mad about Thor's look in [God of War: Ragnarok] ever seen a powerlifter?" tweeted actor Lee Shorten. "Dudes calling Thor fat would get instantly pulverized from a single hit," joked another Twitter user.