'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Supports Portland Protesters While Bashing Donald Trump

Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman recently revealed his support for the Portland, Oregon protesters, while also bashing President Donald Trump. In a new tweet, Perlman called the Portland protesters his "brothers and sisters," and urged them to "stay safe." He then took a jab at Trump by telling the U.S. President to "got get f—ed."

The tweet is certainly garnering some attention, with over 146,000 likes and more than 21,000 retweets, at the time of this writing. The post has also ignited a lot of discussion, sitting at nearly 2,000 comments. Perlman's tweets comes as many are discussing the legalities and ethical implications of federal law-enforcement officers being sent to the area. Even local leaders are jumping to action, as Market Watch reports that the federal government's involvement was never requested. Oregon’s attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, has filed a federal lawsuit regarding the masked federal officers who have been arresting citizens off the street with no probable cause. They have been witnessed taking the individuals away in unmarked cars.

The circumstance in Portland have had constitutional-law experts weighing in, and even calling the situation a "red flag." Michael Dorf, a professor of constitutional law at Cornell University, said, "The idea that there’s a threat to a federal courthouse and the federal authorities are going to swoop in and do whatever they want to do without any cooperation and coordination with state and local authorities is extraordinary outside the context of a civil war." Dorf added, "It is a standard move of authoritarians to use the pretext of quelling violence to bring in force, thereby prompting a violent response and then bootstrapping the initial use of force in the first place."

Trump, who has referred to protesters as "anarchists and agitators" on social media, has stated that he plans to send more federal law-enforcement officers into other cities, such as Chicago and New York. "We’re going to have more federal law enforcement, that I can tell you," Trump said on Monday. "In Portland, they’ve done a fantastic job. They’ve been there three days and they really have done a fantastic job in a very short period of time." An official White House communication claimed that the administration's official stance is that "Democrat mayors of Portland, Chicago, and New York are letting their cities fall to violence and chaos." Notably, many of the leaders in the cities Trump says he will send troops to have voiced opposition and intent to resist the order.