'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Joins Georgia Production Boycott

Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman has joined Alyssa Milano and many other actors in a Georgia film and TV production boycott.

According to IndieWire, the boycott was started by HBO producer Frank Rich (Veep, Succession), and stems from the loss of Democrat Stacey Abrams to Republican Brian Kemp in the state's recent gubernatorial election.

There were a number of controversies and questionable situations surrounding the election, including a recount that prompted Rich to tweet, "If Kemp wins in Georgia, Hollywood should put its money where its mouth is and pull all production out of the state."

Perlman responded to Rich by saying, "Happy to lead the exodus. To all my friends who are studio and network executives, if you choose to shoot movies and TV in Georgia, don't bother to call me."

"There are over 20 productions shooting in Georgia," Milano added. "Is the entertainment industry willing to support the economy of a totally corrupt state that suppresses democracy; where the winner isn't the best choice for the people but the best schemer or crook?"

In response, Abrams herself thanked Rich for his sentiment, but asked that the citizens of the state not be punished for actions they had no control over.

"Thank you [Franck Rich] - but the Georgians who make a living [and] take care of their families through entertainment are not to blame for the gross mismanagement of our democracy here in Georgia," she tweeted. "We will hold folks accountable. Please lift up #FairFightGA as the call to action."

Rich replied to Abrams, in turn thanking her for "inspiring me and countless other Americans."

"I'm all for #FairFightGA," he continued. "The entertainment industry must now focus on using its considerable economic leverage any way it can to push back against the suppression of voting rights in Georgia."

Actor Bradley Whitford also joined in on the boycott, tweeting that he wa snot a fan of Kemp, and adding, "If he seizes power, Hollywood needs to use it's leverage and pull out of Georgia. Studios need to put their money where their mouth is and stand up to hate."


There is no word on how the boycott may be affecting the state so far, but if it continues to grow it could have a major impact on the state's revenue.