'Sons of Anarchy' Star Ron Perlman Bashes Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Over Alleged Lies

Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman recently took to Twitter to bash Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over some alleged lies.

"To my friends at the FBI, I assume your 'limited investigation' will include the number of times [Kavanaugh] has lied under oath both to you and to the Senate," Perlman tweeted.

"Not to mention his wife, children, and the American people," he added.

"Any u muthaf—as old enough to remember the expression 'sober as a judge?' " Perlman rhetorically asked in a subsequent tweet. "Nostalgia..."

He also made a prediction that "the FBI will find so much dirt on Kavanaugh that they will conclude there is no way to wrap this up in a week. And the GOP will use that as an opportunity to vote him in."

"While the Dems are attempting, through, impermeable resistance, to reveal the character of a man, the GOP is only concerned with tactics," Perlman wrote in yet another Kavanugh-bashing tweet.

"The only thing that matters," he continued, "Is this man worthy of dictating American law and order for the next 60 years.Or is he in unhinged political hack?"

Perlman's tweets are not really all that of a surprise, as he previously expressed his support of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — the woman who first accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault — on Twitter.


"I believe [Ford] 100%. And after watching [Kavanaugh] break down in 50 ways before the eyes of the world, I believe he is 100% whacked," Perlman said

In addition to Kavanaugh, Perlman has also been an outspoken opponent of other political figures, like Sen. Lindsay Graham and President Donald Trump.