Sia Roasted for Her Supportive Coronavirus Message

Platinum-selling singer Sia recently took to Twitter to share a supportive coronavirus message, but she wound up getting roasted for it. In a post, Sia shared a graphic of the word "virus" with the first three letters marked over in red, revealing the word "us." One critical user retweeted the post and took a verbal jab at the singer, saying, "celebrities are so useless and corny," then asking "what the f— does this even mean?"

Many other users jumped in, with one adding, "We are the world, we are the virus? [The f—] is wrong with all these rich celebrities like stay offline pls." Another tweeted, "Lmao, like bih drop a bag to the folks that can't work or are in need of supplies." Someone else quipped, "This means 'I'm too lazy to do something useful so I'm gonna pretend like I actually care while I sit in my mansion.'" One other user wrote, "I love Sia's music but what the f— is this."

While some were critical, many others came to Sia's defense, with several of them specifically pointing out that she has a history of random generosity.

"As if you aren't just as useless. At least she has donated many many thousands of dollars to charity and it wouldn't surprise me if she had actually donated a lot of money to charities about Corona. Not every celeb has to boast about having donated money," one fan tweeted.

"Sia is the last celebrity you could possibly attack for not doing charity! People nowadays are infected with social media to the point they need to publicise every detail of their lives on them! They forget that charity is all about good well not a way to get some clout!" another fan exclaimed.


"[I don't know] I just like Sia and I think she's only trying to be wholesome, I mean I saw another post by her related to the coronavirus, and I mean it was definitely corny but still kinda cute," one more fan commented.

At this time, Sia does not appear to have responded to the criticism.