Shemar Moore Reveals Rare Photo of His Mom and Uncle During Holiday Visit

Shemar Moore shared a touching family photo on Instagram over the holidays, and fans were loving it. The S.W.A.T. actor posted a picture of his mother walking down the front steps with his uncle, both wearing big smiles. Moore's fans thought it was sweet to see him honoring his family. Like many stars, Moore returned home for the holidays to spend time with his family. They apparently gathered in Boston, Massachusetts, as Moore included the popular catch phrase "BOSTON STRONG" in his caption.

Moore grew up with his mother, Marilyn Wilson, who was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts — just outside of Boston. She gave birth to Moore in Oakland, California, but moved out of the country with him while he was an infant. In a 2007 interview with The Boston Globe, Moore explained that his mother took jobs teaching in Bahrain and Denmark when he was young. However, he said the real reason they left the U.S. was because of his parents' taboo interracial relationship at the time.

"When I lived here, I got my first taste of Boston - the snow, the Red Sox, and playing in my first Little League team," Moore said at the time. His uncle reflected on having the young actor live with him back then as well.

"I worked at the middle school, and he would come to my room at the end of the day," Stephen Wilson said. "Shemar had the Energizer bunny thing going on. He went all day all the time."

This holiday, season, Moore posted a separate photo of WIlson as well, standing on the same outdoor steps with a U.S. Marine Corps flag waving over his head. He wrote a prolonged caption about how much Wilson's support had meant to him over the years, particularly in his early attempts to become a professional baseball player.

"Stephen Wilson, I love you and salute you!!" he wrote. "I am a loooong way from 71 years of Greatness ... but I aspire to be like YOU when I grow up!! This Christmas was SPECIAL with you and ALL the FAMILY!!! Go Red Sox."

Moore may have a lot of road ahead of him, but he has accomplished some big things in the entertainment industry. He continues to star in the CBS procedural S.W.A.T. as Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson. At the same time, he has established himself as the voice of the super hero Cybork, a.k.a. Victor Stone in the DC Comics animated movies of the last few years. Moore has portrayed Cyborg five times now, including last year's Reign of the Supermen.

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This Man!!!! My Uncle Stephen Wilson 🇺🇸 ( My Mother’s Brother/West Roxbury Massachusetts/Boston ) A Marine... A Father... A Grandaddy.. the best uncle ever... to me.... A LOYAL husband... A School Teacher... A Postal Worker.... the Man who taught me baseball.. A once upon a time brawler .... but now a softy.... The Man who taught me that, “you can be Right or you can be Happy... but you can’t be both.. you must choose which one is most important to you each time”..... Stephen Wilson, I love you and salute you!! 👊🏾👊🏼 I am a loooong way from 71 years of Greatness ... but I aspire to be like YOU when I grow up!! This Christmas was SPECIAL with you and ALL the FAMILY!!! Go Red Sox ⚾️ 🧡

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