Serena Williams Fans Bring up Wheelchair Photo Again After French Open Win

A photo of Serena Williams is a wheelchair ahead of the French Open is even more unusual after the tennis pro won her match against Vitalia Diatchenko.

Prior to the event, Williams was spotted out at Disneyland with her family, being pushed around while she held her daughter in her lap.

Many people were shocked at the photo and wondered if it meant the champion was injured.

"Serena Williams in a wheelchair just before Roland-Garros. I'm not OK," one fan wrote at the time.

"Folks be saying that Serena's going to withdraw because of the wheelchair pic," another person said.

However, while most were worried that something could be wrong, others presumed that it was merely a way of saving her energy and not wearing out her muscles prior to the competition.

"I just spent three long days at Disneyland and by the third day a wheelchair was looking mighty nice. My legs and feet were so sore from walking 14 hour days all over the park," one person shared. "Serena is saving her legs for the French Open."

Interestingly, Williams lost her first round against Diatchenko, which some thought might mean that she was experiencing an injury that could was affecting her performance.

"Returned to my desk to find Vitalia Diatchenko up a double break, *5-2, on Serena Williams," sports writer Ben Rothenberg said after the round. "Have only seen two points, but I guess after the wheelchair photo I guess I shouldn't be surprised?"

However, as we now know, Williams came back to beat Diatchenko in the next two rounds and win the match 2-6, 6-1, and 6-0.


Next up for the tennis champ, she moves into the second round of the competition.