Selma Blair Shows off Shaved Head as She Enters Next Stage of MS Treatment

Actress Selma Blair is proudly showing off her newly shaved head, as she enters the next stage of [...]

Actress Selma Blair is proudly showing off her newly shaved head, as she enters the next stage of her MS treatment. Taking to Instagram, Blair reveled the photo, and offered an update on her current condition, writing how "today is a banner day.

"I am being discharged from the care of an incredible team of nurses and techs and a visionary Dr. who believes in my healing as much as I do. This has been a process. And will continue to be one," she wrote in the caption. "I am immunocompromised for next three months at least. So no kisses please. I wanted to make sure any complications that might arise here were my private space. And we got through brilliantly. I thank you all for your love and support and that extra dose of great with a [PEOPLE] cover. I see things so much more clearly now. And I am excited to share this journey when I am ready."

"For now, I have recovery. And a great [The Alinker] so I gotta split. Bye!!!!!! This is the best gift I could give to Arthur," Blair's message concluded.

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Many of Blair's fans have since commented on her post and are sharing supportive messages back to her.

"You are made of stardust! We will be thinking of you and your son," actress Zoe Saldana wrote.

"Recover quickly pal! I want to act with you one day soon!" actor Devon Sawa exclaimed.

"I'm so grateful you found a passionate & forward thinking Dr. It's so important! I found one myself who saved me when nobody else would. When all the other Drs gave up & said their was nothing else that could be done he came in with options. They are our angels," 3X Paralympic snowboard medalist Amy Purdy offered. "Also, I'm on immunosuppressive meds as well from a kidney transplant! I understand what your dealing with right now! You got this!! I'm so grateful for you sharing your light Selma, you are making a massive impact! Breath, visualize, heal. Virtual kisses."

"I'm so happy and excited for you!! How wonderful to be able to leave the hospital on Arthur's birthday, and to have such a supportive team. You look beautiful and a bright new beginning awaits you. Rest, recover and know how loved you are by all of us. Here for you always," one other person said.