Selma Blair Gets Help From Son for a Photogenic Head Shave Amid Health Issues

Selma Blair enlisted her son Arthur Saint Bleick to help pull off the ultimate Flashback Friday move. She went back to a pixie cut, thanks to her 7-year-old son's barber skills.

selma blair haircut instagram son
(Photo: Instagram/Selma Blair)

On Friday afternoon, Blair, 46, shared a photo of Arthur shaving her hair. "People. [Selma Blair] [Arthur Saint Bleick]. Back to my roots," Blair wrote in the caption, referencing the shorter look she sported during the early aughts, notes E! News.

In recent years, Blair has gone with a longer look, but she revealed in October 2018 that she could no longer lift her arms to brush her hair because of her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. As a result, she went to a shorter bob for several months, until Arthur gave her another trim.

In October 2018, Blair went public with her MS diagnosis and has chronicled her fight with the condition on Instagram. She has also become an advocate, raising awareness of the condition and fighting perceptions. In a February 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, Blair expressed her frustration about a lack of stylish clothes for people with MS and said she hoped to team up with a designer one day to change that.

"I would like to partner with someone like Christian Siriano on a line for everyone — not just people who necessarily need adaptive clothing, but for those who want comfort, too. It can still be chic," Blair said at the time. "You shouldn't have to sacrifice style. Like, let's get elastic waistbands to look a little bit better."
Recently, Blair opened up about how difficult it has been to use her cane lately. Instead, she began using an Alinker Walking Bike to get around as walking with her cane "became untenable and painful to my joints."

June 7 was also a big day for Blair because it marked the last day of Arthur's year of first grade. Blair shares her son with ex-boyfriend Jason Bleick.

"To my son on his last day of first grade. I will hold your hand, I will help hold the light for you," Blair wrote on Instagram last week. "I will lift you up if ever you need me. You are my favorite person and have taught me everything I know about love. I am so proud of who you are. I can't wait to reach for your hand. And you will be right here. Soon. Soon. Always, your mom. You are a wonderful person."

In a February interview with Good Morning America, Blair said she felt some "relief" after her doctor confirmed her MS diagnosis.

"There were times when I couldn't take it and I was really struggling with how I'm going to get by in life," she said, adding there were times she thought she was "not being taken seriously" by her doctors.

"I dropped my son off at school a mile away and before I got home I'd have to pull over and take a nap … it was killing me," she continued. "And so when I got the diagnosis, I cried with relief."


Photo credit: Instagram/Selma Blair