Scott Baio Pushes Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory as His Wife Slams Victim's Mother

Scott Baio and his wife, Renee, are on the receiving end of heavy social media backlash after having a controversial exchange with the mother of a Sandy Hook elementary victim.

The former Happy Days star first came under fire after retweeting a meme that suggests the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Charlottesville white supremacist rally were hoaxes devised by the government or completely faked.

The meme showed photos of Donna Soto, the mother of slain Sandy Hook teacher Vicky Soto, and Susan Bro, the mother of slain Charlottesville protester Heather Heyer. The similar-looking photo was meant to imply that it was the same woman in both situations.

Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose 4-year-old daughter, Ana Grace, died in the 2012 massacre, then responded to Baio on Twitter.

"I guess Chachi > the real @ScottBaio," she wrote. "We love you @TeamVickiSoto - so sorry this happened to your mom. #ThursdayThoughts #Newtown #Grief."

Marquez-Greene then shared a follow-up tweet that indicated that Baio had blocked her on Twitter.

While Baio tweeted an apology for the meme, his wife then came to the Joanie Loves Chachi star's defense.

"I'm sorry 4 your loss @Nelba_MG however, maybe your children are in a better place. Your ugliness knows no bounds!!" Renee tweeted.

It was Renee's response that triggered massive criticism on Twitter, and it prompted Renee, who was diagnosed with cancer back in 2014, to make her account private. Marquez-Greene then tweeted back at her.

"I was clear. I wished you a speedy recovery. I believe what you wrote is what we call in the field 'projection.' Good try though, boo," she wrote.

"And for a mom to suggest to another that her children are better off dead? Girl, don't pray for me. Don't come for me. Pray for yourself," a follow-up tweet read.

The exchange between the Baios and Marquez-Greene infuriated many social media users.

"After seeing what @ScottBaio and @MrsScottBaio said to a mother who lost their child to violent incident they are the lowest form of scum," one user tweeted.

"Renee Baio even your own god would disavow you," another wrote. "What you said to a woman who lost her child is revolting. You should be ashamed of yourself."

In Baio's latest tweets, he offered his condolences to the Sandy Hook victim's families.


"In retrospect, I wish I had thought longer about retweeting that conspiracy photo. I shouldn't have sent it. It was wrong," he wrote.

"@TeamVickiSoto You are not blocked by me, and I expressed my regret for retweeting that conspiracy photo 18 hours ago. I wish you nothing but the best after all you've suffered. Our politics are different, but your pain comes through clearly," Baio tweeted.