Sarah Palin's Impending Divorce From Husband Todd Brings Social Media to Life

It was recently announced that former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd are divorcing, and the impending split has brought social media to life with comments. According to Craig Medred and Anchorage Daily News, Todd filed for divorce on Friday, citing an "incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife."

Following the news, many Internet users have begun commenting on the couple's split, with one person saying, "The thing about Sarah Palin and her husband getting divorced is that these people have zero qualms w/ lecturing others on their private lives and calling our LGBTQ families unhealthy. So, while divorce is usually not a reason for mocking, my schadenfreude is high today."

"Hopefully she'll get the half of the house that still has a view of Russia," another person joked.

"As a divorce guy I don't take joy in seeing marriages end. But I'll make an exception this time," someone else said.

"Sarah Palin and her husband's divorce is what happens when two people stop faking perfection and lecturing others... and start getting real," one other person tweeted.

"I don't celebrate the breakup of any marriage, but it's difficult to live with crazy. Especially when both parties are nucking futz," a fifth user wrote.

"For Palin to have always preached about Christian Family Values, they sure are the poster family for an ANTI FAMILY- VALUES FAMILY," another person said, then adding a laughing crying face emoji.

"Yet another chapter in the lives of the most white trash family to ever run on the Pres/VP ticket: public intoxication, brawls on the front lawn, arrests, domestic violence, divorces, called-off engagements, out-of-wedlock births, twitter fights, snowmobile accident, reality TV," one more user commented.


At this time, no one from the Palin family appears to have commented on the news.

Photo credit: Getty Images