CVS Apologizes to Sarah Hyland, But She's Partly to Blame for Medication Mishap

Following Sarah Hyland's public bashing of CVS Pharmacy, the pharmacy is apologizing, but placing part of the blame on the Modern Family actress.

On Monday, Hyland took to Twitter to publicly blast CVS Pharmacy after she was unable to get medication that she needed because the pharmacy had never notified her that her prescription was ready before they closed. According to the actress, the hours listed online were incorrect.

CVS was quick to apologize and correct the mistake, but they aren't taking all of the blame for the mishap. According to TMZ, the pharmacy, who got into contact with Hyland shortly after the tweets went out, learned that the actress used a third-party search engine to find the hours. CVS is saying that had she gone to their website, she would have found the correct closing time and saved herself the hassle of the public outcry.

"The medicine that I needed last night was an antibiotic. And I needed that antibiotic last night because I wasn't able to see the doctor until yesterday, Monday, because it was the weekend, and I needed tests done to see if I had an infection or not. I did. So they called it in," Hyland explained in a video she posted to her Twitter account.

"So I had already been about two-and-a-half days with an infection. If that infection is not treated soon, it would turn into pyelonephritis, which would send my kidney into rejection. And then I would be put on dialysis. And then I would be put on a waiting list for another kidney," she added.


The Modern Family star has been open with her battle with kidney dysplasia. In 2012, she received a kidney transplant.