Salma Hayek Shows off Her Natural Hair

Salma Hayek recently shared a photo to Instagram that shows the actress having a naturally "crazy hair day."

In the photo, Hayek can be seen taking a selfie with her gorgeous dark, wavy locks filling the photo around her face, as shared by PEOPLE.

This past summer, Hayek was reportedly asked which of her hair styles her husband prefers, to which she replied, "He loves my curly hair. I say, 'I cannot go to the event with my crazy curly hair,' and he says, 'But that’s who you are – you are electrical,' "

Earlier this year, the 50-year-old actress did a magazine interview where she spoke candidly about what Hollywood life is like for her now.

She said the stereotype that women can only last so long in the industry hasn't proved true for her at all. "I’ve never had so much work. They tell you, 'Save your money; it’s over at 30,' " she explained.

She then went on to reveal that she was also told, "You will never work in this town because you’re Mexican and your accent."

However, now things are great for her. "Now I’m 50, and I’m working more than ever. The best parts are women in their mid-30s and up. As an actress, this is when it’s richer. Now I am free from the bombshell," she enthusiastically said.


She went on to talk about how she loves producing films but says that she'd also love to be pursued for roles.

"I want somebody to be inspired and want to hire me to do it," she said. "I want to be wanted. I want to be rediscovered. I want somebody to think of me to tell their story."