Ryan Reynolds Create One of His Funniest Movies Scenes on TikTok

Ryan Reynolds has taken to TikTok to recreate one of his funniest movie scenes and fans are here for it. The actor is now on TikTok and he posted a hilarious clip of himself singing "I Swear" by All-4-One which is a famous scene from his 2005 Just Friends film. In the clip, Reynolds starts singing a piece of "I Swear" while looking similar to how he did when he was in the hilarious romantic comedy.

The 44-year-old is hilarious enough as it is, but bringing a little nostalgia to the table with a video like this, fans are here for it all day. The early 2000s films tells the story of Chris Brander (Reynolds) and Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart) and their romantic story of going from being just friends to something a little more. Palamino grew up with Brander, and the two were just friends, so Palamino thought. While she saw nothing more, Brander had a big crush on his gal pal. But it wasn't until later on in life before Palamino showed that same interest back.


I swear you will be disappointed by this account.

♬ I Swear - All-4-One

Reynolds was recently the man behind a hilarious Match.com commercial that had onlookers in tears of laughter. The gist of the commercial caught so much attention not only because of the truth behind it but that it was done in such a comical way. 2020 put a lot of people out of jobs and since most weddings were cancelled and postponed, that means wedding singers weren't able to get paid either. So the dating website teamed up with Reynolds and used real life wedding singers to create a hilarious song and ad that encouraged singles to "get back to love" in hopes their gigs might pick up due to an influx in weddings.

"This is a piece about getting back to love," Reynolds said in a press release. "Maximum Effort, my company, we adore and love bringing people together. Obviously, Satan and 2020 brought people together in a slightly different way. Now we're trying to bring people together with an all-time great song." And that's exactly what they have done.


Reynolds' latest film The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard recently premiered just before Fathers Day weekend. During interviews PopCulture.com, star Salma Hayek and director Patrick Hughes, both had great things to say about the actor as they made the action-comedy sequel. Although, Hughes joked that he loved to use Reynolds as a punching bag in scenes, Reynolds had a great attitude about it.