Roseanne Barr Wears a Turban Over Long Dreadlocks in New Photo: 'God Is Good'

Roseanne Barr is sporting a new look these days. The comedian posted a new photo to her Instagram. In it, she's seen posing with a set of long dreadlocks and a turban. She captioned the picture, "God is good." It's unsure what inspired the Roseanne alum's new look, but it seems her fans are also confused by the recent change.

"Is this the new Pirates of the Caribbean?" one of the comments read. Among various entries calling Barr an "ethnic queen," many other commenters left responses to her latest interview. "Awesome interview with Juan!! So happy to hear you stopped smoking!! YAY!! GOD BLESS YOU!!" a commenter said.

In the lengthy interview in December, the star spoke again on her firing from the Roseanne revival and answered a slew of random questions from her fans. Barr was fired from the series in 2018 after making a racist and Islamophobic joke about former government official Valerie Jarrett from her Twitter account. After someone asked the actress if she would ever start her own show, she irately yelled, "Are you watching my f––ing videos? Don't come on my god–– podcast and ask me if I'm going to go do a show, you f––ing idiots. What do you think this is? God–– it. You're on my show, you stupid f––ing idiot." She continued yelling at her viewers. "Don't come here and ask me if I'm going back on ABC you god–– devil worship motherf––ers."

She also made her stance clear on the new president. "Impeach Biden now," she shouted. "You are not allowed to say Biden is not the president you better f––ing wake up. There's been an edict put out here on YouTube and that edict states there will be no discussion about this so-called election. It is over and Biden is your president and by God, if you don't go along with it, you're going to get kicked off of YouTube." She continued, "Biden is the president and that's why I say impeach the motherf––er."