Rose McGowan Reveals 'a Person From Her Past' Is Threatening to Release a Sex Tape of Her

Rose McGowan has gone public about how a threat she's received regarding an alleged sex tape of her. The actress and activist wrote that she's "in an icky situation" via a lengthy Twitter thread. She explained that someone from her past, via a third party, is threatening to release a sex tape of her.

As noted by The Daily Mail, McGowan has not released the name of the person in question but seems fully prepared to handle the situation. She's also addressed that, along with the video, were allegations that she did LSD at a young age. "If you think I have not done drugs, well, that's nuts," she wrote while giving a frank and unapologetic account of her upbringing, which included living alone in Hollywood since the age of 15.

Overall, McGowan seemed unphased by the ordeal and appears to be using social media to get out ahead of it. She closed by giving her fans a "heads up" should the tape be released.

"If yet another stolen sex tape goes online, or if you hear (clutch those pearls!) that I enjoy recreational adult pursuits, know that it was never my intention to discuss my private life in this way," she wrote. The last tweet was a simple #RoseArmy hashtag -- a reference to her women's rights organization.

McGowan's work with Rose Army has earned her some unexpected allies. Back in October, news anchor Megyn Kelly posted a black-and-white photo of her and McGowan with a caption that simply read "Brainstorming." Kelly was famously involved in bringing down Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, and has remained a vocal opponent of sexual harassment in the workplace.


The incident became the subject of the new film, Bombshell, which is currently playing in theaters. Kelly, who's portrayed on screen by actress Charlize Theron, has only given a few cryptic responses to the film.

McGowan is currently in pre-production on the horror film Sleepwalk, which she will star in as well as direct. It's expected to hit theaters sometime in 2020.