Ron Jeremy Sexual Assault Case Dismissed in Washington State

Ron Jeremy is off the hook for a sexual assault case in Washington state, TMZ reports.A [...]

Ron Jeremy is off the hook for a sexual assault case in Washington state, TMZ reports.

A spokesperson for the Tacoma City Attorney's Office told TMZ that Jeremy won't face any criminal charges after a woman accused him of sexual assault in September.

The woman, who reportedly worked as a "rock girl" promoting a radio station, claimed the adult film actor groped her backside and nipple after she agreed to let him sign her breast. She also claimed he groped her vagina over her underwear, according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

The outlet reports that police interviewed witnesses and reviewed surveillance footage before sending the case to the city attorney's office, which reportedly turned down the case.

The news comes four months after Rolling Stone published a report detailing five different women's allegations of sexual assault against the 64-year-old.

The sexual misconduct accusations that span over a 30-year period and include sexual assault and rape first gained traction when adult film star Ginger Banks released a video this summer detailing Jeremy's alleged improprieties with multiple different women, including herself, in the adult film industry.

Jeremy vehemently denies any allegations of sexual assault, and claiming that the only times he groped anyone is when he was paid to do so.

"For over 40 years fans and fellow performers pay money and wait in long lines to meet me," he told Rolling Stone in November. "They want autographs, pictures, to flirt with me, physically grab me in different areas (usually my clothed penis), they ask me to touch them and many ask to have me sign their boobs."

"When I take photos with fans and other performers at these conventions, signings or events, I do sometimes kiss people on the lips or the cheek, sign boobs or whatever they want. There is 'put on' flirting and touching for the photos," he continued. "This is exactly what people pay me for at conventions … If you watch these videos that Ginger Banks put out of me 'groping,' you see that everyone in the videos is laughing and 'groping' too. That I'm not running up to them, they come to me."

However, some of the sexual assault allegations extend further than groping. Former adult film star Jennifer Steele alleges that in 1997, Jeremy assaulted her twice.

Steele claims that Jeremy penetrated her during a photo shoot in which they were asked to simulate sex.

"It turned into him basically sticking it in without me knowing it was happening," Steele alleged. "I said flat-out no … He doesn't hear no. He just kinda keeps going and pretends like you didn't say anything."

"During the whole photo shoot I was thinking, 'Was I just raped? What the f— just happened?'" Steele recalled. "[But] by the time the shoot was done, I had it in my head that I had somehow exaggerated it and it was an honest mistake."