Rob Lowe Shares Frightening Images of California Wildfire as It Approaches His Home

Some awe-inspiring new photos of the fires in southern California came from actor Rob Lowe's Instagram this morning. The star of The Lowe Files posted pictures of the blaze converging on his home in Santa Barbara.

Horror and beauty.

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Our house aprox 7:30 am today. Pray for Santa Barbara.

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Helping earlier today. You do what you can, but when it’s time.. you GO.

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Lowe shared three pictures, one of them with the simple caption "Horror and beauty." Another post confirmed that the photos were of Lowe's own home, while a third showed the 53-year-old actor jumping into action.

Lowe is in full firefighter garb, triumphantly dousing the flames with a garden hose. "Helping earlier today," he wrote. "You do what you can, but when it's time.. you GO."

The fires have scorched huge swaths of southern California in the last several weeks. So far, Thomas Fire has burned over 400 square miles and torched over 1,000 buildings — including at least 750 homes. The flames have been driven by strong winds and fueled by the dried out vegetation. Residents have been subject to sweeping evacuation orders, closed schools, and ash falling like snow.


Lowe isn't the first to make the fire a social media phenomenon. Other celebrities, including Kaley Cuoco and Ellen DeGeneres, have posted heartbreaking pleas and images as the fires advance, and Twitter has been in awe of the pictures and videos of Californians' morning commute.